Smoking Cessation Program

Eligible participants will receive a combination of counseling and incentives for a 4-week period and will also participate in a follow-up appointment one-month after the program is completed.

Smoking cessation counseling: All participants will receive 30-minute weekly individual counseling sessions. Counselors will teach participants how to quit smoking, cope with stress and urges to smoke, deal with social pressures, and avoid relapse to smoking; these sessions will be conducted in a private room at your high school. Two of these sessions will be conducted prior to quit day to prepare you to quit smoking.

In Person or Mobile Phone Incentives: All participants will receive incentives for not smoking. To confirm abstinence from smoking, we will collect breath CO and/or saliva samples daily in the first two weeks and three times a week in the last two weeks. If the tests are negative for cotinine (a by-product of nicotine), you will receive incentives. To verify smoking abstinence, you will be randomly assigned (like flipping a coin) to use mobile phones or in person appointments after school.

In Person: During the four week period, you will meet with a member of the research staff after school at the high school or in public locations on the weekends to verify abstinence.

Mobile Phone: During the four week period, you will randomly receive texts on your mobile phone after school and on weekends to provide breath and/or saliva samples to verify smoking abstinence using your video recorders on your mobile phone.

All participants will be provided with the CO monitor and salvia screens to be used during the study and will be asked to return it at the end of the study.

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